As from last year I now build guitars to my own preferences. I decided that luthiery is both art and craft, and that to properly explore both aspects I need to work on each guitar as if it was my own, and to put all my effort into translating my thoughts and intuition into each new guitar.

By taking this stand I am free to experiment and take a chance on new innovations, without risking a customers order. It's not just about the innovations and customer risk either, I felt that the artistic expression side of my building was being hindered and that I was long overdue on achieving what I really wanted the guitars to look like.

To date it's been the most re-freshing thing I've done luthiery wise for a long time and all innovations and arty selections have worked well. As well as this I decided to let Rich Sayage handle all sales apart from Australia, which frees me up to just simply build and figure out how to do it even better.

Rich's guitar savvy, online presence, excellent customer service and shipping ability makes buying one of my guitars easier than before.

I welcome all inquiries about my guitars

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Guitar Pricing:

Prices start from
East Indian Rosewood$9500.00
Pomel Sapeli $9500.00

In Stock

July 2012 Ziricote/cedar - Sold

July 2012 Redgum/cedar - Sold

2013 Spuce/Ash burl - Sold

June 2014 EIR/cedar - Sold

Dec 2014 Pomell Sapele/spruce - Sold

May 2015 Blackwood/ spruce - Sold

Janurary 2016 Redgum/cedar - Sold

November 2017 #65 Walnut/cedar - Sold

April 2017 #64 EIR/spruce - available in Australia, AU$7000 - Sold

July 2018 - #66 Ziricote/cedar - Sold

April 2020  #67 EIR/cedar  $7000 - Sold

January 2021 #68 Ziricote/cedar - Sold

July 2021 #69 Pomelle Sepela/cedar - Sold